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Poster competition

May 30, 2006

Shanghai Expo. if interested, see below =3


Stand UP to read this!

May 30, 2006


The Dream of Great Barracuda!!

May 29, 2006

haha yeah my nightmare. Not so scary actually. I dreamt i was in a large swimming pool surrounded with familiar faces & many fishes!!! The pool was full of BIG & small, colorful fishes. Then came a HUGE Great Barracuda!

This barracuda was not in a school, it's solo & really obese! It's abt 1 meter long! It swam real fast! Dashing at its prey. Usually the BIG fishes.. Bit on 1 fish after another. It's super fast. I yelled out to warn the rest. Everyone tried to swim to the edge & climb out of the pool. So did i.

But ridiculously, i jumped into the pool again, saw a BIG fat fish, abt 3/4 meter long, & drabbed it. I was holding onto my breath, with the big fat fish hugged tightly to my chest. i had no difficulty submerged in the water. haha dream..I saw the Great Barracuda going ard hunting down other fishes. Afraid it might come aft this fat fish in my arms, i released this fish, & barracuda charged towards this fat fish. Grabbed the fat fish with it n left. Wat a vivid & silly dream. This Barracuda in my dream looked abit like swordfish, real fat..

i hoped it's not a bad omen or wat..

I skipped fish during lunch. I hoped mama wont yell at me when she got home, seeing the untouched fish on the table…

btw im goin Perhentian soon! late june. Busy month! Yippie!!!!


May 26, 2006

i felt guilty… On wednesday, aft realizing the meeting's been postponed to nxt week? i slowed down my working pace… i felt so quilty. im bad~ *munching roti prata & porridge, browsing webby for "Over the Hedge" timeslot* haiz later tml then work bah. keke


May 23, 2006

listen to hokkien version. the way they talk very funny. recommended by Juzjaz

kowloon~~ o ~ o ~ HongKong~~ o~o~

May 23, 2006

1st of all, thx xiaocai for the bbq on sat. hope we'll see u carry the bag we gave u nxt time. keke raining dun blame us hor…. if ur stuff get all wet~~~ 

My HongKong trip with jiejie has been confirmed. Will b away from 14-19 june!!! yeah!! 6 days 5 nights. Flights & hotels booked lo!!! Ahohohho! i dare not shop these days. T.T only can see others shop. i hope i can find wat i like n affordable in hongkong~~

Ops tt left me 2 weeks to complete the nxt episode b4 i left for HongKong. *pulling hair now~*

i haven even finished the current episode.. nargh~~ busybusy days ahead~~

*changing water for Mari Maomao (my pet plant) now*

hehe hoping can go scuba diving soon~~

Pigologist wil work triple hard for hongkong & dive!! i need a proper travel journal to paste n write my Piggy Little adventures~ hehe

o ya my monitor has been flickering very badly since im back frm tioman. Any1 will b so kind to gimme a gd monitor?


May 23, 2006

*Copy & Pasted frm 2th*

巧遇怪叔叔在红灯街。他问*in deep tone*:“ 呵呵。。。小姐,你可以帮我一个忙吗?” *raised his left eyebrow* Wahahaha!!!!!!!!!!! Eversince that incident, it turned out to be our latest joke for the whole night btw Dna, lisa and I. Before 怪叔叔 can expose his real intention, Dna reacted quickly by leading us to leave the scene immediately. :/ Up until now, we are clueless about his " 忙". Both of them concluded that he must be up to no good. He was wearing an ultra mini shorts, riding on his bicycle. After 怪叔叔 finished his sentence, he moved his hand near to his shorts. Whatever "忙" he wanted us to help him didn't succeed. Thanks to Dna's swift respond. And for the rest of the night, we just kept ourselves entertained by repeating this question through out our walk from geylang to the kallang river. We were actually walking Dna home before the incident, A change of plan after meeting this 怪叔叔. We walked to the kallang river, took a bus to orchard, then to tao payoh and afterwhich walked all the way to Potong Pasir to stayover at Lisa's Sis place. haha