House Blog-Warming!! i've moved from blogspot to yahoo taiwan blog, & to wordpress now! Here, my very few T.T blog readers cum friends can Rant their comments…. here lo. Finally. T.T so lonely at yahoo taiwan.. only yahoo bloggers can commment.

ok i shall blog abt my Tioman trip with Yong & my 1st in my lifetime Voting tml!!!! Got back the cable from sis, now i can upload Tioman pics & blog. Tml then blog Tioman. sleepy YawnZzz~~

Tml will b a very important day. It's Singapore's Big Voting Day!!!!! My 1st time voting!!!! Ehem im gonna look @ the website & tv channelnewsasia & reconsider & double consider b4 i go to cast my "1st Precious Secret Vote"… wahahaha some1 cant vote ^^… coz no party wanna fight for her town. Wahahaha o yah my area is degrading. Y m i laughing at xc? haiz my area although got competitors fighting but i've degraded frm ehem.. better dun blog too much abt our government. Later ganna sue wor…. shhh……. we talk in private…. better… 大选!!! im coming!!!!!

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6 Comments on “Blog-Warming….”

  1. JuzJaz Says:

    yea, this blog is better. can leave comment easiler 😛

  2. CaiLing Says:

    xl was telling me. opposition parties wil nv come boon lay area to compete. it’s too “problematic” down here. haiz… maybe i can wait till i turn 60 b4 i can even vote…

  3. 2thbrush Says:

    haha move house! so cham if cannot vote. but at least can vote for president right?

  4. CaiLing Says:

    Yes. Orchard condo here i come!!!

  5. pigologist Says:

    orchard condo? u buying? woah!!

  6. CaiLing Says:

    i mean in my dreams…

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