My Virgin Vote

i always doubt "Your Vote is Secret." After Saturday's voting, i can reassure myself… No more hearsay frm others, i can now decide for myself if it's true or false…  Ehem, regardless of the code number or watever behind the ballot paper, i Voted my "Sheng2 Sheng4 de yi piao". 

Held the pen & stared @ the digits behind the paper & the 2 choices. I thought i've done enough research & reconsideration b4 i came here.. haha cant believe myself, i actually hesitated for a minute. Mb it's my Virgin vote, thats y im nervous.

Many locals always said that there's no use to voice out, wont help, this n that. But actually there's some use in voicing out @ the right moment. Like how those young journalists chitchat with mr lee. I think it's something new. Hope they'll continue to have such program & not just b4 the Big Voting. Ehem actually voting is oso a chance to voice out too. I've voiced out mine. hehe It's our freedom, our rights & responsibility to vote. Glad i made a choice & put a big cross beside it.

We virgin voters are all voters with minds! No matter who u voted for! Let's await for the next Polling Day! 5 years later~~

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2 Comments on “My Virgin Vote”

  1. JuzJaz Says:

    Hey, i saw ur work, the suntan girl illustration on national tv U. but it’s juz a 1 or 2 sec fast flash-by, along with works of other people’s. it was talking about ‘Noise Singapore’, tat features artistic works, etc. U have works featured there?? Hehehe

  2. pigologist Says:

    Yah!! hehe i was watching Lost juz now. Then during commercial break, i tunned to Chn 8, & saw the Noise Sg report too. haha i saw too. It’s old work but oso delighted to see. I din expect anybody to notice. hehe ;p

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