Birthday PresentSss~~~~

Morning! wakey wakey! i blog super early today… haha having my breakfast & burning flash files into the disk now. waiting~~

Sometimes i think i expect too much frm everything in my life. Want everything to b perfect or @ at least untill im sick of doin it anymore. If not i wont stop. Mb it's Persistence. Ironically, im a slacker wif strong persistence. *Lazybum biting the stone-like bread*

Tml, sat, we'll b celebrating Mati's bday. hehe haven transferred $$ to angie yet… Kept forgetting.. i think i might as well pass her tml. i told her on the phone that she's like loneshark… keke i juz dun like to b bugged sometimes.

i cant help but think of wat i want for my birthday this year…. Ahohoho paiseh Mati, focus shld b on ur present not mine. I kinda want a Headphone. wat u call tt? those big ones. Either very sporty or sleek… i want sporty ones. i think. or something similar to my current hairband like earphones, Sony, in white, grey & orange color. i wan a yellow, or white headphone? i oso dunno yet. erm i might want a watch too. Genie Genie~~ can i have both watch & headphone? hehe i wan a waterproof camera casing too… can i have 3?? oh ya i wan a mp3 player too… Ever since my 1st mp3 spoilt, i haven got myself a new one yet… Ehem im not shy to say im one of the 1st few to own mp3 players last time.. keke

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3 Comments on “Birthday PresentSss~~~~”

  1. 2thbrush Says:

    wahHhhh. I dont think xc and I can afford to buy you any of these X) keke you really gotta find a genie

  2. pigologist Says:

    :~( wat r frens for??

  3. CaiLing Says:

    if we could pay up with monopoly money… maybe…

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