Movie Marathon!

Yeah! it's Vesak Day! die… im gg JB with my sis later. i hoped the Queue @ custom wont b too long………………………………….

B4 gg JB, there'll b a weekly work review meeting wif Darren & my colleagues. Actually only 1 working on the same project with me & another 1 on another proj. hehe im quite happy & sometimes even anticipate its coming, coz i can view their works. But im quite quilty now. i din finish as much as i should. Actually b4 many previous meetings im already very guilty.. Alas! i know im slack & like to go out too much & watch tv & play. T.T

Aft 10am's meeting, i'll meet jiejie & go JB!! We intend to watch 2 movies only, if there're avail time slots. & i've promised to "re-treat" her to a good meal ltr… why?? bcoz our last visit to JB, i treated her to Secret Recipe for lunch. We ordered set lunches each & paid the bill. <<<This sentence totally makes sense rite? Read again….. ordered & paid the bill… Yesh… i din put the word, "eat". Ahohoho! it's my fault. i had gastric flu. i layed my head on the table, beside the fish & chips which the waiter put in front of my pale face. The waiter thought i've no appetite & brought a ketchup & placed it in frt of my face….. Then upon seeing me still not touching the food, he came & push the same!!! ketchup closer to me n the fish & chips…. i was too unwell to thank his thoughtfulness…. i weakly pushed the ketchup away & then the fish n chips. My sis said i was super pale. She asked if im ok. i said no. i said no ok…. Then her dish came, aft the long wait.. She picked up her fork & knife & stared @ the delicious food then looked up @ me & she's shocked. i told her i wanted to vomit. LOL. i can still remem her look, torn between me & her food.. ok we asked for the bill & left w/o touching the food… i could still remem how everyone @ there looked @ us… I think some was thinking if i had a food poisoning aft eating the food… haha

Today, i shall not let history repeats itself.

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