Friday: Movie Marathon

yo! i've watched M.I.3 & Poseidon. hehe didnt intend to watch the latter actually. quite cheap $5sgd for a movie ticket. If u wanna get cheaper tickets, u have to go on Tuesday, $3sgd. Anyone wanna go jb, preferably tuesday. hehe then can watch tilll siao. so cheap.

Poseidon was so much better than i thought. The dangers they had to go through, in order to get of the ship, were pretty impressing. Go watch if u haf the xtra cash.

M.I.3, more action, more excitement, more intense acting by Tom Cruise. Go watch. it's worth every $5sgd. keke

I was so tempted to buy Full Metal Alchemist animation dvd, the full set. Haiz… but poor me only allow myself to buy FMA, the movie. $9.90RM only! gonna watch it tml. yeah!

oo juz now @ Mati's BBQ, i told them i've put up my Bday Wishlist Part 1..incomplete.. i shall post an amended Wishlist sometime soon~~ Ahohoho

*Hypnotising myself* TML Sunday morning 9am, i muz wake up to watch Oli's Adventure!! i've missed the 1st 4 episodes le… T.T i watched last week, but the animation not done by me one. TML morning i muz drag myself up to watch!!! coz tml's animation was done by me hehe.

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