kowloon~~ o ~ o ~ HongKong~~ o~o~

1st of all, thx xiaocai for the bbq on sat. hope we'll see u carry the bag we gave u nxt time. keke raining dun blame us hor…. if ur stuff get all wet~~~ 

My HongKong trip with jiejie has been confirmed. Will b away from 14-19 june!!! yeah!! 6 days 5 nights. Flights & hotels booked lo!!! Ahohohho! i dare not shop these days. T.T only can see others shop. i hope i can find wat i like n affordable in hongkong~~

Ops tt left me 2 weeks to complete the nxt episode b4 i left for HongKong. *pulling hair now~*

i haven even finished the current episode.. nargh~~ busybusy days ahead~~

*changing water for Mari Maomao (my pet plant) now*

hehe hoping can go scuba diving soon~~

Pigologist wil work triple hard for hongkong & dive!! i need a proper travel journal to paste n write my Piggy Little adventures~ hehe

o ya my monitor has been flickering very badly since im back frm tioman. Any1 will b so kind to gimme a gd monitor?

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