The Dream of Great Barracuda!!

haha yeah my nightmare. Not so scary actually. I dreamt i was in a large swimming pool surrounded with familiar faces & many fishes!!! The pool was full of BIG & small, colorful fishes. Then came a HUGE Great Barracuda!

This barracuda was not in a school, it's solo & really obese! It's abt 1 meter long! It swam real fast! Dashing at its prey. Usually the BIG fishes.. Bit on 1 fish after another. It's super fast. I yelled out to warn the rest. Everyone tried to swim to the edge & climb out of the pool. So did i.

But ridiculously, i jumped into the pool again, saw a BIG fat fish, abt 3/4 meter long, & drabbed it. I was holding onto my breath, with the big fat fish hugged tightly to my chest. i had no difficulty submerged in the water. haha dream..I saw the Great Barracuda going ard hunting down other fishes. Afraid it might come aft this fat fish in my arms, i released this fish, & barracuda charged towards this fat fish. Grabbed the fat fish with it n left. Wat a vivid & silly dream. This Barracuda in my dream looked abit like swordfish, real fat..

i hoped it's not a bad omen or wat..

I skipped fish during lunch. I hoped mama wont yell at me when she got home, seeing the untouched fish on the table…

btw im goin Perhentian soon! late june. Busy month! Yippie!!!!

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