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June 22, 2006

i hate Nivea & many many other BIG brands!

2th send me these links. i've jotted down these deadly ingredients. im gonna dump my Nivea & Vaseline mosturisers & buy new Sun block & mosterisers later. Choose wat u buy carefully!!!


Back frm HK

June 22, 2006

hiya!!! im back! Had problem logging online. Now my pc is ill…. it'll shut down any minute… i better b quick wif this post…. i had been doin my laundry on tuesday & unpack everything, working on my animation proj on wednesday & today too. 1/2 of the HongKong pics with sis, so i'll only upload my pics aft i got them frm her. haha i spent my days sight seeing, shopping, eating & more shopping!! i cant get enough of HongKong!!! i miss HK!!! i miss the shops… & many places haven visited yet! Although HK not very big but 6 days' not enough!!!

hehe i'll blog n post pics of HK nxt week mb. cos im leaving for Perhentian tml!!!!! With 2th n Lisa!!! We'r goin for our 1st diving trip!!!! later gotta go take photo for diving license, work on animation, change RM for trip & meet xc & 2th for lisa's bday gift & transfer money to yan & sis… busy day~~ ops i haven soaked my new mask & snorkel yet! cya nxt week!!!!

Fly to HK

June 14, 2006

Hiya!! hehe my flight tml is 650am. only left 4hrs to sleep. T.T i've been checking the weather forecast.. aiyo thunderstorm sia. i hoped i wont b swept away~~ keke. Bye every1!!! i wont buy souvenirs back one… tt my 5TYLE~ Ahohoho. i will b back on nxt Tues! tata~ btw my naaaadimmmm only done a few scenes… so i'll b super duper last to submit this episode.. 2th u can do slowly~~ let me catch up too.. keke



June 12, 2006

Ahohooho!!! yeah! freedom! My folks r gone! yippie!

They've gone overseas to visit relatives. Ahohoho! Total freedom & peace for me!

Now i know what the horoscope i read on friday"only ur mum can help" means… haha how true! Her leaving is a great help to me!

Sis will come to sleep over tonight & tml night too. Coz Wednesday we 2 will b leaving for HONGKONG!!! hehe

Eco-Friendly Travel

June 11, 2006

Great magazine. Most importantly, it's FREE & uses CYCLUS offset paper! Mb they shld juz make it online available too. Then no paper's needed! hehe im totally on travel mood now! omg no mood to do naaaadimmmm……

im super guilty when i went thru the Eco Mandate page "it's not good to dispose of solid waste in the wild. Try not to bury or leave it to decompose on the ground. Several serious viruses are transmitted that way, & in certain terrains, decomposition itself can take years. Always bring a suitable, sealable carrier & dispose of it back in civilisation." OMG last time i juz dig a shallow pit & bured my sheeeettt. im a bad person T.T i even bury my toilet papers. mb nxt time i seal all my used toilet papers n bring back. oh no! i think burying my shit is more harmful then toilet paper. My shit do more harm! argh!!! i cant imagine carrying my shit back too. erm…. -___-lll

Difference Between Positive & Negative

June 9, 2006

Negative people will say, "Die la, only 5 days left, i sure cant finish one. "

Positive people will say, "Got 5 more days. Kai Gong le!"

Sometimes when we tell others muz b positive muz 1st understand the meaning of tt word. It's annoying to b called not positive when ur not.

5 more days

June 9, 2006

yeah 5 more days to Hongkong!!! haiz, tt means less than 5 days to do animation… Boss juz sent the animatics last night. Quite late so i slept le…. keke

Sadly the animatics is super ehem… he abit lazy loooo…. waited 3 days aft the monday meeting for it, i thought it'll b full of thumbnails to lessen my load… quite difficult to see the diffenence between his storyboard n animatics tis time haha. nvm tts y im super early today! Kai Gong Le!!!!