Eco-Friendly Travel

Great magazine. Most importantly, it's FREE & uses CYCLUS offset paper! Mb they shld juz make it online available too. Then no paper's needed! hehe im totally on travel mood now! omg no mood to do naaaadimmmm……

im super guilty when i went thru the Eco Mandate page "it's not good to dispose of solid waste in the wild. Try not to bury or leave it to decompose on the ground. Several serious viruses are transmitted that way, & in certain terrains, decomposition itself can take years. Always bring a suitable, sealable carrier & dispose of it back in civilisation." OMG last time i juz dig a shallow pit & bured my sheeeettt. im a bad person T.T i even bury my toilet papers. mb nxt time i seal all my used toilet papers n bring back. oh no! i think burying my shit is more harmful then toilet paper. My shit do more harm! argh!!! i cant imagine carrying my shit back too. erm…. -___-lll

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