Ahohooho!!! yeah! freedom! My folks r gone! yippie!

They've gone overseas to visit relatives. Ahohoho! Total freedom & peace for me!

Now i know what the horoscope i read on friday"only ur mum can help" means… haha how true! Her leaving is a great help to me!

Sis will come to sleep over tonight & tml night too. Coz Wednesday we 2 will b leaving for HONGKONG!!! hehe

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3 Comments on “FREEDOM”

  1. CaiLing Says:

    Yoz!!! Have fun at HK!!!

  2. 2thbrush Says:

    yahyah! remenber my masks wor! I heard collegen is very good too.
    BTW I saw on news hong kong has a new Jellyfish aquaria at the dunno what garden.
    Mus go see! Preeeetty!

  3. pigologist Says:

    ya ocean park! i saw too hehe. i dun tink goin there. Ex & our schedule already packed. ehem as for mask yaya…. since xc din say how many she want, n wat she want, btw muz pay back 1… i help her buy 3 bah, since tt time she bought 1 she gave 2 to her sis. hehe

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