Back frm HK

hiya!!! im back! Had problem logging online. Now my pc is ill…. it'll shut down any minute… i better b quick wif this post…. i had been doin my laundry on tuesday & unpack everything, working on my animation proj on wednesday & today too. 1/2 of the HongKong pics with sis, so i'll only upload my pics aft i got them frm her. haha i spent my days sight seeing, shopping, eating & more shopping!! i cant get enough of HongKong!!! i miss HK!!! i miss the shops… & many places haven visited yet! Although HK not very big but 6 days' not enough!!!

hehe i'll blog n post pics of HK nxt week mb. cos im leaving for Perhentian tml!!!!! With 2th n Lisa!!! We'r goin for our 1st diving trip!!!! later gotta go take photo for diving license, work on animation, change RM for trip & meet xc & 2th for lisa's bday gift & transfer money to yan & sis… busy day~~ ops i haven soaked my new mask & snorkel yet! cya nxt week!!!!

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