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Happy Birthday!

July 27, 2006

Hiya! Thanks to u know who U R~~ This year i had mini celebrations/outings frm Saturday, Sunday, Monday & Wednesday!! Actually i was hatched @ ard 11pm, 26 July, so it’s still my birthday!! im looking forward to tml, hehe dunno got anymore celebrations anot. nvm. im really broke now… but got the itch to go KTV…. if any1 free can jio me go KTV~~ hopefully on Sun afternoon, coz cheaper…. keke Ever since beginning of last week, i had mild fever on n off, i hope it’s not the symtoms of some illness… juz force myself to eat fruits, even my tummy was abt to burst frm the Fondue…. argh~ btw diana’s wearing the watch now~~ figuring out how to adjust the alarm n so on~ keke later might write my travel adventures in my new travel journal with the new markers! n looking @ the other 2 gifts… cutting away the labels..


May my Spirit b with U

July 20, 2006

im always busy b4 birthday.. tml haf to submit finished episode to boss & got 2 projects in mind tat i’ll like to get it done by mid August. Argh!! My dear clock, pls slow down. If only i can freeze time for awhile… Busy days ahead, but im actually HAPPY! maybe im goin bonkers~~ haha perhaps my happiness is due to my coming birthday treats……. yeah im really goin bonkers.. im treatin n yet im happy…. ehem..Giving really can bring one happiness! i like the process of buying gifts for frens, recalling wat hints they’ve given, wat they’ll like n how they’ll react to the present. i hope this spirit will b with my present hunters too. Weeee!!!

Buy this for me!

July 17, 2006

BIG gang, i wan the YELLOW adidas watch, sg$95, still got 10% discount to go wor!!!  it’s digital & transparent & square face….keke dun buy wrong har….as for XTRA leftovers gimme as hongbao hor…. Since 1 of our dear member’s taking her last paper on my birthday…. we’ll juz haf to dine out in the evening.

jiejie bought me adidas top keke & my bighead gang had bought my present too, so tats abt it lo. dunno whether got xtra present anot…. Ahohoho

Wat to buy for Pigologist?

July 15, 2006

Crackling ur brainy over wat to buy for me? Ahohoho to make things difficult easy for frens i will write a proper wishlist. im goin present hunting later in town wif sis. Hehe trying to make it easy for sis too….. Most probably, my piggies gang will haf to buy me watch. i’ll go see whether i like adidas more, or puma. keke then smaller group/groups, if im lucky this year, will buy me…. *scratching head* i still cant make up my mind. If only the budget can go up abit? haha

Yeah! Watercolor im coming~~

July 13, 2006

i like acrylic but seldom got this course. So meanwhile i’ll pick up watercolor & brush up on life drawing 1st. keke My fren helping me to check out watercolor, see when i can join too. Yeah! Can “shang shue le” Yippie!


July 9, 2006

i guess im a fan already~~ i felt sry for Portugal when Germany got 1 point. NVM Portugal, 4yrs later u’ll b in TOP 3!!! a few hours later is Italy VS France. i believe Italy wont look so fierce like they fought Germany haha. The french r friendly~~ im gonna keep myself awake till then. *drinking jasmine tea now* =p


July 9, 2006

i juz finished Pooh’s Heffalump halloween movie! hehe yesterday rented 2 cartoon vcds. The ones i wanted to borrow already out~~ T.T nvm b4 i rent more i shall burn Heffalump 1st!! hehe Anyone wanna watch vcds together?? keke