My First Diving Experience in Perhentian!

Yeah!! i’ve truly passed my PADI Open Water Diving Course. I was so afraid i wont b able to make it for the 17.5metres dive on the last day, due to my poor equalization. But i’ve made it! Thanks to our German dive instructor & “Nanny” Lisa san & oso 2thy. haha Lisa’s my nanny underwater….. Thinking of the nanny scenario makes me giggle @ the pc monitor now.

All thanks to these people who helped me so HARD… i had 2 blue blacks on my right wrist, which r side by side one another n formed a big one… haha i oso had 1 “gui la jiao”(ghost pulling me down incident…) tat SUPER Nanny pulled me back into the water bcoz i was positive buoyant tat time…. real funny… LOL

I loved the underwater world~~ hand in hand, we n our buddies explored the Anak Terumbo Tiga(Baby Tree Reef). Our last dive, i missed dark tipped shark but nvm i’ve seem 2+1 in Tioman snorkel b4. i loved the schools of fish. I looked up @ the different schools of fish while holding onto the instructor, so i wont b lost.. Not much equalization pressure… on the last dive. Maybe mother nature’s protecting us~~ hehe

Beside’s confined water diving & open water diving, we snorkel too! hehe true, like wat 2th felt, i too felt less pressurized snorkeling. I shall work harder on my equalization & buoyancy… We think we saw a HUGE sea turtle, but due to poor visibility, we cant b sure. Swimming with schools of fish is a great experience. Feeling them touched u n coming to u is fun. Of course i wont want those big sharks or great barracuda coming straight @ me face 2 face…. haha

During snorkeling, i oso suffered a BIG blow… A size 5 or 6 foot hit me hard on the right brain. Ehem tats the worst i’ve ever hard so far. Even my mask tilted… nvm im alive hehe. oh ya i picked up a white plastic bag & a transparent one while snorkelling. Fellow Snorkellers & Divers pls remem to pick up rubbish when u encountered them. Help our marine life! hehe i learned to start picking rubbish underwater frm our 1st instructor, Joe, who will pick up broken glass pieces & put into his small pouch. Pls restrain frm throwing anything into the sea, people..

Our new dive motto! Relax With You Alive~~ of cos it’s a joke only we know..Cant wait for my nxt dive or snorkel! Will post some pictures of perhentian later. =3

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One Comment on “My First Diving Experience in Perhentian!”

  1. 2thbrush Says:

    Tiga is three not tree. kekeke eh thanks to my kick, dont u feel smarter now? keke hahaha

  2. pigologist Says:

    Siaaaaaa……….. i’ve always been a smartie ok… o 3 not tree lol ok will edit my diver log book haha

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