Yeah! Watercolor im coming~~

i like acrylic but seldom got this course. So meanwhile i’ll pick up watercolor & brush up on life drawing 1st. keke My fren helping me to check out watercolor, see when i can join too. Yeah! Can “shang shue le” Yippie!

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6 Comments on “Yeah! Watercolor im coming~~”

  1. 2thbrush Says:

    yeah, u will learn watercolor before me. we are still on life drawing keke where u gonna study in?

  2. JuzJaz Says:

    wah now then u join… -_-” im thinkin whether to continue or not! no money la. see how lor. btw, the earliest u can join is first monday of august.. u pay every start of the month, for the entire 4 lessons held over 4 weeks. anyway it’s really fun!!! though quite frustrated at times, cuz u can’t un-do. haaa

  3. pigologist Says:

    continue lei!! hehe then i’ll have more brushes to borrow from… i dun care! i muz see u in class in August…. =p

  4. JuzJaz Says:

    borrow brushes?? wah must stay away from u. my brushes not enuff liao 😛 btw brushes not cheap leh, a big one like no. 12 or 14. can cost abt 7-9 bucks! no kidding! i juz bought a no.14 yesterday. cost me $9 plus but uncle got give discount. maybe u can include brushes in ur wishlist. haaa… & ya. watercolor papers & paints as well. ha…

  5. pigologist Says:

    T.T mb i shld include in my list. but i scared later i receive 2 sets of brushes haha. or u buy me brushes la!! ^o^

  6. JuzJaz Says:

    *pretends not to see anything* *whistles*

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