Pulau Ubin


more pics

We saw 2 CROCODILES crawling out frm the swamp!!! When i spotted it, i stopped my bike immediately, n asked my bro-in-law to hold my bike. If only i haf SLR camera!!!! Alas!! i set my lousy cam to video mode, zoom in of coz, so the footage is really lousy! U have to look closely at the 2 blur longish *** >> *** thing crawling to towards the right… frankly speaking, when im videoing it, i cant even see them on my camera’s screen. I was fixing my eyes on them while i video, so pardon the shakiness…. haha im glad i was wearing my contact lens. T.T i saw them clearly with my 2 eyes. Today’s encounter is priceless!!! video link> http://www.youtube.com/v/OmsVnf17wGA

haha im so excited on the trip abt the crocodiles n was abit loud that a father of 2 heard me, n asked, “wat did u see?” smilingly. I told him we saw 2 crocodiles over there!! He went there n came back to us n said, “nah… we din see crocodiles. There rite?” Then we told them they’r probably gone. The children were disappointed. Actually wanted to show them my video footages EHEm.. luckily i didnt do that.. If not the kids would b even more disppointed…………………..LOL

I oso managed to take a spider on its cobweb & saw the Noordin beach. Seems like my companions’ ultimate aim there, was “DURIAN CHASing”. The both of them managed to pick up 10 freshly fallen down durians. The 3 of us were nearly hit by the durians. One dropped juz beside me, 1.5metres away… lucky… Of coz this durian was later in our plastic bags… hehe

Today we didnt make it to Chek Jawa due to lack of time… spent on durians… but i’ll definitely b back again. Hopefully nxt time will get to see the 2 crocodiles again. T.T Priceless!!!!

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