My watercolor class

Had my 1st lesson today with Stoney, Ruifen & Juzjaz. i kinda hoped that they’ll make it 3 hrs instead of 2 hrs only. It’s paint n ask teacher along the way. She’ll guide u along. Today, the rest of the class were busy finishing & submitting their work for the coming exhibition, so there’re only me n another lady painting rambutans in a bowl.

There’s the other classroom teaching Chinese painting. Interesting~~ mb i should check out wat other courses they have. Not long after i started painting the leaf, a little girl frm the other class walked past n commented, “Nice color” She’s friendly & encouraging~~~ T.T a small kid encouraging me!! Alas! Then i painted the rambutans, n she came n said something nice again~ Then i thank her for her encouragement~ =.=”’ i did ask teacher to demostrate painting a rambutan for me, instead she started erasing n correcting my perspective. lol im a little upset with her painting of the rambutans….. i think she can do better than that~~  But of coz, it’s juz a demo. i muz paint more in class nxt week n ask her to comment. I hope she’ll enlighten me more nxt week. Mine is the 1st 2pic. Teacher’s demo is the 3rd.

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