Feeding the kitties

Yesterday on our way to watercolor class, Juzjaz san brought cat food for the residence kitties @ the very old no longer in use swimming pool. 1 of them is very friendly, or shld i say flirty. haha But most of them r quite shy. Mb aft a few more feedings, they’ll b different. Seeing juzjaz brought food for them, makes me wanna feed the kitties in my neighbourhood too! keke mb i can start with feeding them the milk in my fridge? dun worry i wont give them expired milk Ahohoho! i’ll make sure i bring a bowl nxt time! em…. cat food seems easier to bring n less messy aft the feeding… See 1st bah~ mb not feeding le. kekeke

heres 2 pics taken by some1~ without permission. hehe haf to thank her too, if not i’ve no idea i look so BIG size frm the back~~ T.T

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6 Comments on “Feeding the kitties”

  1. CaiLing Says:

    feeing the kittens. muz be v interesting. but i wont do it coz i’m scared of the cats. lol

  2. pigologist Says:

    now the kittens shld b scared of u… coz u got chicken pox virus~~ haha dunno cats will get chicken pox anot?

  3. 2thbrush Says:

    who got chicken pox?! haha last i heard the cat cant really digest milk well? i dunnoe, better check it out if u want to do it and the art class look so interesting! feel like joining ur class too!

  4. CaiLing Says:

    I GOT CHICKEN POX LA!!! OH NO! now the whole world know, poor me… will be grounded for 2 weeks at home.

  5. pigologist Says:

    2th ur welcome to join anytime. Or u wan join oil painting with me? haha Cailing dun worry, like i said, doll up ur house & we’ll give u a surprise visit soon!! keke

  6. CaiLing Says:

    doll myself up is more impt lo (lol). who cares abt the house. i’m like a freak now. sob sob sob.

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