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9 months

September 29, 2006

i 1st saw this clip on the news some time ago. While browsing @ U tube, i came across it again. Heres the link <9 mths of gestation in 20 secs>

Another clip i’ll like u to see is <Child Genius>. Can u guess wat’s he’s drawing frm the beginning?? keke =D



September 26, 2006

hehe got the link frm stoney! PPStream. Like SCV wor! Heard it’ll stream faster if there’r more people streaming @ the same time ard u! Mb i shld introduce it to my neighbours & spread to the entire block so i’ll get faster loading! Ahohoho! Here’s the link <PPStream> then click on PCHome Xia Zai!! it’s only a small file to dl!! Weee!!

Acting & Animation

September 25, 2006
Below is a highlight from Doron A.Meir’s Acting & Animation, which i’ve juz read. Im definitely 1 of those guilty modern day animator he detest…. haha

i’ve also BOLDed some of the points he mentioned, which i think is worth mentioning again & again….

By Doron A. Meir

Secondary actions make for unique and natural acting, add complexity and charm to the movements, and spice up the animation. Anther thing they can do is cause a film’s budget to skyrocket. Is this the reason modern animation movies use them sparingly? Maybe. What certain is, that in the old movies secondary actions were used generously but tastefully, and the results were a rich and enjoyable animation, and interesting acting. 

Timing. One of my complaints toward modern animation has to do with what I call “snapimation” – pose-based animation, where the transition from pose to pose happens very quickly. This is an easy solution, because it enables the animator to work less, be less inventive, and have less skill. That way, instead of variations along the timing scope, we get a monotonous “quick/slow/quick/slow” motion – and monotony, as we all now, is the good friend of Mr. Boredom. In addition, the “snapimation” method disables secondary actions, making the acting boring and dull.

Personal interpretation. As mentioned, the golden era was the most mature stage of the people who, with their own pencils, invented the art of animation. Naturally, they had only one resource to draw from, and that is the real world. The animations they created were their personal interpretation, their caricature of motion and acting.
My feeling is that many of today’s animators prefer to rely on other people’s animation as a primary source of inspiration, instead of studying the world around them and produce their own interpretations. What we get is a set of clichés, a caricature of a caricature; a pale reproduction that fails to excel to the level of freshness and novelty of the great era of acting in animation.

(U can find the whole article in this link)



September 19, 2006

<Petronas CNY ad>

This ad is in dialect. If u’r not 1 who understands dialect, u’ll still b able to pick up some of the english text frm the malay subtitles. This ad depicts wat the typical old folks will do when they get together….. Real funny when 1 of the granny kept repeating “Lau Dak Wa”~~ haha


September 14, 2006


Digicon prize winners aniamtion. check them out. (here’s Mr SRINIVAS BHAKTA  *<website>* for those interested)

<Funny turtle animation>

the above funny turtle is frm Utube. Got the link frm forum. Nice animation.

Below one is by local talents! My dear frens got help out wor! Go watch n leave some greetings in the guestbook!! im the Miss Greedy in guestbook~ keke Hopefully the DimDim.. project we’r working on now can put up soon for all to view! hehe


The scariest isn’t Death, but losing the Hope to live on~

September 7, 2006

Big Cousin’s sick. The doc said no cure. Let’s all welcome everyday’s sunshine & rain. Be grateful tat we still have one another around. Balance work & play & relax~

My new handphone, finally~

September 7, 2006


Isnt the ruby one NICE!!! i’ve purchased it online with some1’s card~~ hehe But the ruby one OUT of stock! T.T Nvm at least it’s S$18 only. I chose the pearl white one. But i loved the pink one!! Mb they shld consider selling the pink cover casing? keke i hoped the pearl white one isn’t out of stock too, aft all it’s1st come 1st serve basis….. i’ll receive it on comin tues!! yeah~ Muz b white 1 dun send me grey one~~ chanting~~