i felt like burning my previous fruit painting! A precious lesson learnt is, “Do not paint on a bad day, & stop at once when u feel it’s 1 of those non-paintable day!” Today i wanted to rescue the ruined glass bottle. It’s juz not possible. Last week i ruined it & left a dark stain, even after i tried to wash off the paint. This week it juz got worse! Whenever i looked at messed up pieces, i juz felt like tearing it off. I’ve dumped it away frm my sight now. Today i shall go to watercolor class again n paint an all new piece. Damn! ^%#&*@^%&*&@#^^#%&*&*(*^%&%%!@#!#$#@!#@$&^*&)()*(&^(*^$%#%#$!$!!&^*(~@

And yesh i’ve decided to buy the paint my frens are using now. It’s recommended by teacher. The brand is Van Gogh. They said mention teacher’s name got 10% discount. Not bad… At least can save some money. Nxt time any1 who has finished their watercolor can pay me to share my paint!! Today shall b the last day im using this @!$%#$^&*(*(*^#$%#$%@$##@ cheap watercolors.

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4 Comments on “@#$^%&*”

  1. 2thbrush Says:

    Hee, dont worry la, cher said watercolor is the hardest to master. so well… sure will throw away lotsa paper. keke

  2. pigologist Says:

    i oso read it frm books… im the one who told u watercolor’s the hardest to learn first!! =P

  3. CaiLing Says:

    perhaps u will be the MASTER of water color painting after u throw away (dunno how many) pieces… JIA YOU!

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