My new handphone, finally~


Isnt the ruby one NICE!!! i’ve purchased it online with some1’s card~~ hehe But the ruby one OUT of stock! T.T Nvm at least it’s S$18 only. I chose the pearl white one. But i loved the pink one!! Mb they shld consider selling the pink cover casing? keke i hoped the pearl white one isn’t out of stock too, aft all it’s1st come 1st serve basis….. i’ll receive it on comin tues!! yeah~ Muz b white 1 dun send me grey one~~ chanting~~

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6 Comments on “My new handphone, finally~”

  1. 2thbrush Says:

    testing my avatar

  2. pigologist Says:

    SPAM!!!! go away dun spam here! =P

  3. CaiLing Says:

    the title wo ai you shan wan shui, maybe i shld change mine to: wo ai chi he wan le (lol)

  4. pigologist Says:

    hehe we r waiting to chi he wan le with u wor~ counting down~~

  5. JuzJaz Says:

    eh woman… my neighbour bought tat hp last time. she got the ruby one for over $500+ with contract i think!!! haha.. but she sold it away cheaply after using for over 1 yr bah. anyway she said it’s nice looking lah. wallpaper cute, etc but function=so so only lor. so be prepared har. but weird leh, y u never check out the handphne before purchasing? *refers to the grey or white set u’ll be getting* anyway since someone is signing for u, then good la.. anytime u dun like, still can buy another phone. lol

  6. pigologist Says:

    no la i recontract to get it at 18bucks. Singtel is like tat 1, if white one no more le then they’ll give u grey 1. i hope not every1 chooses the white one. hehe cant wait to see it a few hours later~~ morning delivery~ keke

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