The scariest isn’t Death, but losing the Hope to live on~

Big Cousin’s sick. The doc said no cure. Let’s all welcome everyday’s sunshine & rain. Be grateful tat we still have one another around. Balance work & play & relax~

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5 Comments on “The scariest isn’t Death, but losing the Hope to live on~”

  1. JuzJaz Says:

    actually…i dun really trust western doc’s words. if possible, pls ask ur cousin to try experience chinese doctors. there is still hope.. i know a chinese herbalist if your cousin is interested. using naturals to cure, instead of pills or machinary with side effects. but of course, must have trust in the chinese doc first, & above all, the faith to overcome anything & everything. it won’t be an easy journey. dun give up living!

  2. pigologist Says:

    she’s got lung cancer. where’s the herbalist?

  3. CaiLing Says:

    tt’s so sad… which stage is she in?

  4. pigologist Says:

    lol last stage? haha sry i dunno how to count oso.

  5. CaiLing Says:

    i mean didnt the doc mention? anway, wish her well…

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