Digicon prize winners aniamtion. check them out. (here’s Mr SRINIVAS BHAKTA  *<website>* for those interested)

<Funny turtle animation>

the above funny turtle is frm Utube. Got the link frm forum. Nice animation.

Below one is by local talents! My dear frens got help out wor! Go watch n leave some greetings in the guestbook!! im the Miss Greedy in guestbook~ keke Hopefully the DimDim.. project we’r working on now can put up soon for all to view! hehe


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3 Comments on “Animations”

  1. CaiLing Says:

    wah BHAKTA so old already?!? 38 this yr leh!

  2. pigologist Says:

    LOL u still go calculate ar. btw i tot he’s only in his early 30s.. Mb we shld start changing our mentality tat 40 is nth. So when we reach 30, we wont b so upset……. T.T

  3. CaiLing Says:

    haiz… age is catching up. SOB~

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