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Back frm Sabah~~

October 29, 2006


Yesh… last yr went Sabah climb Mt. Kinabalu & snorkel. This yr went back to snorkel @ Pulau Sapi, Manukan, Mamutik, Sulug, Mabul & dive Sipadan!!! Awesome dives & snorkel i muz say. We oso visited Sungei Kinabatangen where we saw many birds & wild animals! And Padas River for White water Rafting!! or shld i say “relax with the team alive~~”? We oso didnt forget to visit the neighbouring country, Brunei!! This is actually not part of the itinerary initially. Brunei architecture is a fusion of the WORLD! not juz asia… i have so much to write in my dive logbook & jungle logbook & unpacking & washing my clothes & muddy stained shoes~~ Will share with everyone our filled with unexpected, unfortunate & lucky adventure when im not as busy!!! Gotta consolidate works for my portfolio & reels & meet up with potential bosses for job & projects. Pigologist is in need of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ now!!! yesh im broke! im only left with 200 bucks in my bank acc !!!! Gosh!! im so no good with money!

 Unpacking & playing with my unwashed, dirty mask & snorkel…..hehe


Leaving for Sabah

October 17, 2006

YO! im leaving today to Sabah with YL today! We will b back in 11 days!!! tata~~