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Nagasaki 1945

November 19, 2006

3 stars for this animation. Not that bad, juz that there’s room for improvement in all aspects of the film. Hopefully our feedback forms can encourage them to continue doing more 2D animation & work harder for the nxt film. =)

B4 the show begins, we’ve plenty of time to shop ard n dine. 2th bought a muji organizer & i got myself a nici cup! I shall use it in the office tml!! oh ya 2th’s new english name is LiNa!!! omg it sounded vulgar if u read out together with her surname… LOL xc, i’ll fill u in nxt time we meet. Li is frm Lisa & Na is frm diaNa. So her name’s a fusion of our english names. And our production name might be…. Gxx Li Na…… hahahahahaha

And we’ve bouught the tics to Phantom of the Opera for april!! wat a long wait…


Animation Runner Kuromi

November 18, 2006

i joined some of the Scrawlers(my colleagues) to catch Animation Runner Kuromi 1 & 2. Great plot & good story telling. i dun mind watching it again hehe it’s so funny! We oso took a group pic with Bill Plympton!!!! He was watching this animation in the same cinema too! haha i even joked abt asking for his signature but since im not really a big fan of his, i din approach him hehe. Im afraid he’ll ask me, ” So which is ur fav cartoon(Bill’s work)? ” I think i’ve only watched his Hair High b4. (i only remem Hair …. dunno wat b4 i read the synopsis book.) He looks real different frm the picture in the book. He’s alot thinner & real tall… haha aft the photo shoot, he asked,”So r u all coming tml?(for his speech or show) 1 second 2 second…. then i said,”Ya!” chirpily… The fact is no… im goin shopping in orchard tml..

Bei Yi Wang de Ren

November 16, 2006

Yesterday i was a bei yi wang de ren…. T.T im too upset to even tell the story…. frm another point of view it’s quite funny too. haha

Pigologist’s hostel

November 12, 2006

2 guests stayed in Pigologist hostel on sat night. They were given shared doom~~ hehe tat’s pretty fun. We cooked our own dinner & went geylang for supper! *guilty* but i couldn’t attend binbin’s bday treat. coz she came back frm taiwan on fri & decided to treat us on sat. By the time she msg me i’ve already invited my frens to stay over @ my humble hostel. hehe she promised to re-treat me a meal! yeah!

Then today, my hostel oso provided 1 Day Tour to east coast park wor haha. Had my 1st jap lunch, aft i came back frm Sabah, @ parkway parade! Ichiban sizzling beef! I know my guests muz b very tired le… aft accompanying me for 2 day 1 night haha. I shall go finish up the freelance work & wash my clothings now…

T.T ma & pa will b back tml midnight… i shall try locking the door up! Let them taste their own medicine!! My ma used to lock us out when me or my sis returned home real late… LOL Ahohohho

Anpanman Land!!!!

November 8, 2006

I wan go Japan!!!! Visit Anpanman Land & Museum!!! When can i save enough to fly there?? OMG there’r so many awesome toys there too!!! So Kawaii!!!!! oOo this is my 1st time blogging frm office. Today’s my 3rd day le wor!! Aft work im goin home str8 to do my freelance work. Tiring but worth it! Anpanman spirit b wif us!!! Japan wait for me!!! i’ll save for the trip! 

Independence Day

November 2, 2006

i shall declare 8th Nov as the Independence Day!!! My folks will b goin off to Thailand for a short holiday with their frens. Wahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im home alone~~ Pigologist hostel might b open, charging 10 bucks per night stay……. haha

i miss Jack

November 1, 2006

i sent Jack to hospital yesterday… T.T He needs to “Liu Yi” for 2 weeks. Im already missing Jack when i handed him over & filled up the form. They said they will repair Jack for FREE!!! im so worried there’ll b no cure for Jack or have to pay for the repairs. hehe Canon is so good! I named my camera Jack, bcoz he looked like Caranx(Jacks fish). When he’s back, i’ll make sure i put him somewhere away frm humidity & sun & heat. Yesterday’s a good day! i met many angels in disguise. I shall go back work & finish it asap so i can do my own things.