Pigologist’s hostel

2 guests stayed in Pigologist hostel on sat night. They were given shared doom~~ hehe tat’s pretty fun. We cooked our own dinner & went geylang for supper! *guilty* but i couldn’t attend binbin’s bday treat. coz she came back frm taiwan on fri & decided to treat us on sat. By the time she msg me i’ve already invited my frens to stay over @ my humble hostel. hehe she promised to re-treat me a meal! yeah!

Then today, my hostel oso provided 1 Day Tour to east coast park wor haha. Had my 1st jap lunch, aft i came back frm Sabah, @ parkway parade! Ichiban sizzling beef! I know my guests muz b very tired le… aft accompanying me for 2 day 1 night haha. I shall go finish up the freelance work & wash my clothings now…

T.T ma & pa will b back tml midnight… i shall try locking the door up! Let them taste their own medicine!! My ma used to lock us out when me or my sis returned home real late… LOL Ahohohho

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2 Comments on “Pigologist’s hostel”

  1. CaiLing Says:

    the way u described… it was as if we were kena conned by u… lol

  2. pigologist Says:

    where got.. it sounded value for money for a 2D1N wor…

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