Animation Runner Kuromi

i joined some of the Scrawlers(my colleagues) to catch Animation Runner Kuromi 1 & 2. Great plot & good story telling. i dun mind watching it again hehe it’s so funny! We oso took a group pic with Bill Plympton!!!! He was watching this animation in the same cinema too! haha i even joked abt asking for his signature but since im not really a big fan of his, i din approach him hehe. Im afraid he’ll ask me, ” So which is ur fav cartoon(Bill’s work)? ” I think i’ve only watched his Hair High b4. (i only remem Hair …. dunno wat b4 i read the synopsis book.) He looks real different frm the picture in the book. He’s alot thinner & real tall… haha aft the photo shoot, he asked,”So r u all coming tml?(for his speech or show) 1 second 2 second…. then i said,”Ya!” chirpily… The fact is no… im goin shopping in orchard tml..

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