Nagasaki 1945

3 stars for this animation. Not that bad, juz that there’s room for improvement in all aspects of the film. Hopefully our feedback forms can encourage them to continue doing more 2D animation & work harder for the nxt film. =)

B4 the show begins, we’ve plenty of time to shop ard n dine. 2th bought a muji organizer & i got myself a nici cup! I shall use it in the office tml!! oh ya 2th’s new english name is LiNa!!! omg it sounded vulgar if u read out together with her surname… LOL xc, i’ll fill u in nxt time we meet. Li is frm Lisa & Na is frm diaNa. So her name’s a fusion of our english names. And our production name might be…. Gxx Li Na…… hahahahahaha

And we’ve bouught the tics to Phantom of the Opera for april!! wat a long wait…

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3 Comments on “Nagasaki 1945”

  1. 2thbrush Says:

    i am not lina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    wah imagine is will sound so perfect keke

  2. CaiLing Says:

    ganlina… wahaha~ yongm, it’s such a COOL name. really amazed by ya courage to choose this new name…

  3. CaiLing Says:

    diana! rem to update me with the details next time we meet up… hahahaha

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