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Wang Wang in Pig Sty!!

December 26, 2006

Yo!! Merry Xmas again, coz it’s still Xmas!! For all who’s interested to see more of Wang Wang, Tada~~ here he is!! I took Wang back to the office today. Im already missing him!!! I’ll most prob bring him back home for new year, since i wont b goin anywhere outta the country~~ T.T I wonder if my new year’s gonna b boring~~ 

This is where he likes to store his food~

Str8 aft his nap, it’s yummie time again!! Wat a PIG!

His temporary prison~

Walk walk time~


(More pics in my flickr) As for videos~ if i’ve more time i’ll upload. gtg sleep le. YawnsZzz~~


Gunung Datuk trip cancelled~~

December 23, 2006

yeah i shld b spending my xmas holidays camping on Gunung Datuk. But due to FLOOD, n no train service, it’s cancelled. So 2th, xc, her sis & me had our xmas feast @ sushi tei, followed by Night at the Museum movie. T.T

hehe i brought 1 of our company’s hamster home for Xmas!! He’s Wang Wang! i’ve taken many pics n videos of his silly behaviour. Will share with every1 soon! Im gonna dine, shop & watch jay’s Curse of the Rare Rabbit Flower with Piggies later. Mati’s making sure im buying gift for Sunday’s Xmas gift Xchange….. T.T Later cant b wif Wang Wang. I hoped it wont b too lonely…. Or shld i leave the mp3 player on to accompany him? haha Gonna go bathe & wear my lucky color for the day…. YELLOW!!!! tata~ n Merry Xmas!!!

Photos: Company’s anniversary pics

December 23, 2006

haha i’ve funny colleagues… LOL i cant stop laughing @ tis one!!

seems like Ruifen’s (the 1 on the left) tooo absorbed in her “Goong’s” character….


December 17, 2006

hehe i did this in October. Another 藏起来 work of mine…… keke oh no 2006’s coming to an end….


December 17, 2006

yo! End of the yr’s always busy busy~~ Last Sat, i went JB with Mati, Angie, Eric, Bin, Fandhi, Jun & yan. So where r the PICS??!!!!! I went for a foot massage wif Mati. Lets go again! Try the 1 @ sentosa!! keke I oso cut & highlighted my hair………… People ard me juz cant seem to get used to my black black hair (or shld i say, THEY CANT STAND MY BALCK HAIR haha), so i highlighted them alittle. To my surprise, every1 preferred my new hairdo now. ehem i haf to stress tat it’s bcoz i set….my hair b4 i go out lo… so they dun look like the day, when i stepped out of the salon.. Anyway, i cant w8 for another shopping trip!!! Make it a long one this time!!!

Wednesday, our company celebrated its Birthday at a private lounge & screening @ Cineleisure. We had fun talking & taking pics!! haha i know i kept requesting for the Goong pose~~ U know, the one wif wine glass in hand~~ That night, i oso got to see a long time no see ex-colleague! Hopefully she can come back to work with us again! =) but tt day din see juzjaz wor….. And very sorry to 2th n Xc. U know y…

Yesterday, i went shopping wif 2th. We covered Nike Sales, Ikea, Marina Sq & Esplanade. Yesh… it’s a thirsty day. Luckily Xc din join us. If not she’ll b whining none stop… LOL I got myself a blue Shark! i named it Shasha. We oso bought 4 same ehem i cant announce yet thing for our “Relax with u alive~ ” CLUB. Yesh … 心意 only, so xc pls dun buy xmas gift . Theres no gift xchange tis yr.

i’ll b leaving for Gunung Datuk tis coming fri! So sad… cant xchange gift wif Piggies~~ Wish me luck n safety! i so looking forward to tat day. nono oso waiting for tues too! coz we’ll b shopping for food for this datuk trip. oh no i haven buy colleague’s xmas present. btw i got some1 im not familiar with. Hopefully she would like my gift. i dun wanna b blacklisted!! T.T

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December 11, 2006

My new cup

December 6, 2006

Yesh….. i bought another cup. lol i’ve bought 2 cups in a month already. I regretted buying this cup man. Think im desperate, thats y i bought it. Alas! It’s a winnie cup. Me n 2th thought it’s the best at the time of purchase. Aft dinner, we went in action city n found many cuter & CHEAPER cups lo!!!! I tried to force her to say that my winnie cup’s better….. But even i cant convince myself………T.T

I bought a zen old model mp3 player n a travel speakers online last night. My insurance agent will reimburse me on fri! It’s supposed to b a gift la. I cant wait to see them!!! Last night as i was browsing the headphones, i thought to myself “hey, this headphone’s not bad, emm…. mb i shld click it?” JUZ a THOUGHT ok!!!!!! Today, while im happily listening to S.H.E’s ring ar ring ar ring, my left ear piece suddenly went mute!!!!! Alas!! What hap?!!! This sony, hairband-like headphones’ my fav ok! Everything’s failing on me!!! Outrageous!!! This is freaky sia!!! I think the things i own, are probably transformed from animals into their non-living thing state, by a POWERFUL WITCH OR WIZARD~~~~ LOL n im a human transformed frm a PIG………. living in Pig Sty now……… i anticipate………