my past 2 weeks~


Yo! This is definitely a movie month! last week watched nightmare b4 xmas at vivocity’s gv & this week Open Season @ Science Centre with xc n 2th! As for the week b4 is posted on my previous entries… Yeah i wonder wat’s nxt?

T.T If u all still remem my previous post, i said i bought a NEW Nici cup right? Guess wat! On Monday, it fell & broke into the basin!! The ear broke into pieces & now im left with only the cup…….. Aft this & so many other previous incidents, like  how my camera refused to work… i can conclude that the objects i frequently use, do have feelings…. I once thought of changing my camera, aft seeing my frens’ new, trendy cameras. But i still cant bear to replace it bcoz of $$$ & i dont know wat to do with the old one. Not long aft this thought, my camera refused to cooperate in Sabah… Then last Sunday, upon seeing some cute cups frm minitoons, i do regretted abit of buying my nici cup, but i didnt replace it with new one ok…. bcoz i’ve already developed feelings for the nici cup. It then committed suicide on the very nxt day, Monday… -_-”’ Alas! Cant i even think of buying new things! Im not even gonna buy… just a thought only. So now i need a NEW CUP!!!!!

Last night, Mati, angie, eric & i went cycling & roller skating @ ecp. I wanna buy rollerblade!!! i shall start saving now! We came across so many cats!!! Seems like a big cats gathering!!! So funny! There’r 16 of them! I oso spotted a few kittens! So kawaii! And when they saw our bikes, they came exploring… Like they’ve nv seen b4. haha Ehmmm i wonder wats the gathering for? And wats their plan? To eliminate all humans? haha And i tried out the birthdate analysis frm angie’s “ming shu”. Im overwhelmed by it’s accuracy! ehem! n now we know who’s got a black black heart…… we muz beware~~ 

And a funny news for all, our company got “child labour“! He’s a sec 1 teenager, who looks like a primary 4 kido… lol

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7 Comments on “my past 2 weeks~”

  1. 2thbrush Says:

    You inhumane beast! How can you think of getting rid of nicci! 😦

  2. pigologist Says:

    U muz acc me go buy new cup wor!!! T.T

  3. CaiLing Says:

    u muz have purposely pushed him down. aiyo… murderer. lol.

  4. CaiLing Says:

    not “him”. is “it”. nicci the cup.

  5. pigologist Says:

    T.T im a good owner ok!

  6. JuzJaz Says:

    hey, i saw the same bunch of cats at ECP too! I saw them around evening time too. Haha.. i tink maybe there might be someone feeding them at that time bah, tats why they gather ard there.

  7. pigologist Says:

    haha really??!!! so qiao. hopefully will get to see them again.

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