My new cup

Yesh….. i bought another cup. lol i’ve bought 2 cups in a month already. I regretted buying this cup man. Think im desperate, thats y i bought it. Alas! It’s a winnie cup. Me n 2th thought it’s the best at the time of purchase. Aft dinner, we went in action city n found many cuter & CHEAPER cups lo!!!! I tried to force her to say that my winnie cup’s better….. But even i cant convince myself………T.T

I bought a zen old model mp3 player n a travel speakers online last night. My insurance agent will reimburse me on fri! It’s supposed to b a gift la. I cant wait to see them!!! Last night as i was browsing the headphones, i thought to myself “hey, this headphone’s not bad, emm…. mb i shld click it?” JUZ a THOUGHT ok!!!!!! Today, while im happily listening to S.H.E’s ring ar ring ar ring, my left ear piece suddenly went mute!!!!! Alas!! What hap?!!! This sony, hairband-like headphones’ my fav ok! Everything’s failing on me!!! Outrageous!!! This is freaky sia!!! I think the things i own, are probably transformed from animals into their non-living thing state, by a POWERFUL WITCH OR WIZARD~~~~ LOL n im a human transformed frm a PIG………. living in Pig Sty now……… i anticipate………

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One Comment on “My new cup”

  1. CaiLing Says:

    why r u all buying cups? in the trend now?

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