yo! End of the yr’s always busy busy~~ Last Sat, i went JB with Mati, Angie, Eric, Bin, Fandhi, Jun & yan. So where r the PICS??!!!!! I went for a foot massage wif Mati. Lets go again! Try the 1 @ sentosa!! keke I oso cut & highlighted my hair………… People ard me juz cant seem to get used to my black black hair (or shld i say, THEY CANT STAND MY BALCK HAIR haha), so i highlighted them alittle. To my surprise, every1 preferred my new hairdo now. ehem i haf to stress tat it’s bcoz i set….my hair b4 i go out lo… so they dun look like the day, when i stepped out of the salon.. Anyway, i cant w8 for another shopping trip!!! Make it a long one this time!!!

Wednesday, our company celebrated its Birthday at a private lounge & screening @ Cineleisure. We had fun talking & taking pics!! haha i know i kept requesting for the Goong pose~~ U know, the one wif wine glass in hand~~ That night, i oso got to see a long time no see ex-colleague! Hopefully she can come back to work with us again! =) but tt day din see juzjaz wor….. And very sorry to 2th n Xc. U know y…

Yesterday, i went shopping wif 2th. We covered Nike Sales, Ikea, Marina Sq & Esplanade. Yesh… it’s a thirsty day. Luckily Xc din join us. If not she’ll b whining none stop… LOL I got myself a blue Shark! i named it Shasha. We oso bought 4 same ehem i cant announce yet thing for our “Relax with u alive~ ” CLUB. Yesh … 心意 only, so xc pls dun buy xmas gift . Theres no gift xchange tis yr.

i’ll b leaving for Gunung Datuk tis coming fri! So sad… cant xchange gift wif Piggies~~ Wish me luck n safety! i so looking forward to tat day. nono oso waiting for tues too! coz we’ll b shopping for food for this datuk trip. oh no i haven buy colleague’s xmas present. btw i got some1 im not familiar with. Hopefully she would like my gift. i dun wanna b blacklisted!! T.T

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2 Comments on “December”

  1. CaiLing Says:

    WAT SHALL WE BUY FOR THE TRIP?!?! so excited!!! WE MUZ BUY ALOT ALOT ALOT OF JUNKS – to kill time. lol.

  2. pigologist Says:

    3 MORE DAYS!!!!

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