Gunung Datuk trip cancelled~~

yeah i shld b spending my xmas holidays camping on Gunung Datuk. But due to FLOOD, n no train service, it’s cancelled. So 2th, xc, her sis & me had our xmas feast @ sushi tei, followed by Night at the Museum movie. T.T

hehe i brought 1 of our company’s hamster home for Xmas!! He’s Wang Wang! i’ve taken many pics n videos of his silly behaviour. Will share with every1 soon! Im gonna dine, shop & watch jay’s Curse of the Rare Rabbit Flower with Piggies later. Mati’s making sure im buying gift for Sunday’s Xmas gift Xchange….. T.T Later cant b wif Wang Wang. I hoped it wont b too lonely…. Or shld i leave the mp3 player on to accompany him? haha Gonna go bathe & wear my lucky color for the day…. YELLOW!!!! tata~ n Merry Xmas!!!

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