Wang Wang in Pig Sty!!

Yo!! Merry Xmas again, coz it’s still Xmas!! For all who’s interested to see more of Wang Wang, Tada~~ here he is!! I took Wang back to the office today. Im already missing him!!! I’ll most prob bring him back home for new year, since i wont b goin anywhere outta the country~~ T.T I wonder if my new year’s gonna b boring~~ 

This is where he likes to store his food~

Str8 aft his nap, it’s yummie time again!! Wat a PIG!

His temporary prison~

Walk walk time~


(More pics in my flickr) As for videos~ if i’ve more time i’ll upload. gtg sleep le. YawnsZzz~~

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4 Comments on “Wang Wang in Pig Sty!!”

  1. CaiLing Says:

    lao wang is so cute!!!

  2. JuzJaz Says:

    Wangwang is very cute!!!

  3. pigologist Says:

    ya ya *nod~ nod~*

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