New Year 2007!!!

Yesh 2007 the PIG’s Year finally here!!! I’ve been very busy these days. With work & play~ hehe My 5 days new year break, kicked off by kidnapping Wang home frm the office!

My Last movie of 2006 was Confession of Pain~ And my 1st movie of the year, on 1st Jan, was Borat!!!! LOL Damn funny but traumatising when Azimad n Borat fought on the bed….. bcoz of the Pamela mag~~~ ehem… go catch it!!! It wont disappoint u!

I oso joined “Relax wif U alive~” club to help out Jalan Besar Community Centre for elderly’s fund raising~ Haha Initially we thought we r gonna vandalise on others faces for $$$~~ But we ended up raising more $$$ thru Part time “Child Care cum Sand art” in the end. Nonetheless i still got to vandalise some1’s hand!! LOL & my own!! I kinda liked mine!!! haha

New Year New Ideas!!! 2th n i came up with a Brilliant story! Although it’s a said to be a Bad yr for us, but mb 1 unlucky pig + 1 unlucky pig= Lucky!!

New Year New Course!!! i’ve decided to pick up the acrylic course by NAFA. And abandon my watercolor for awhile~~ keke im gonna go NAFA to register tml!!! Hopefully there’r still vacancies for landscape acrylic! Wish me LUCK!!!

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5 Comments on “New Year 2007!!!”

  1. CaiLing Says:

    yes de. i will never forget abt that UGLY BURNT elephant on my hand. btw, do u all wanna meet da cai for dinner one of these days?

  2. 2thbrush Says:

    haha can’t believe u are bombing us the same que at our blog. keke

  3. not BOMBING la. say till like tt… juz asking mah. i’m making sure tt everyone gets the message… this is important leh. WE ARE GG TO MEET DA CAI FOR DINNER. it is da cai we are talking abt. aren’t u guys excited?!?!

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