Rain~ Rain~ Come~~ COme~~ Come~~~

Whenever i brought umbrella out, there’s no rain…. When i don’t i got caught in the rain, on my way home……. Drenched n cold!! How i wish i have a short short brolly~~

Yesh Pigologist begins to feel the mundane of everyday’s work life le~ I tink it’s juz the natural cycle~ When i juz started back to work, i was so enthusiastic! Everyday is happy day! People ard me cant stand my enthu abt goin to work. haha =D Now… especially these few weeks, it’s so hard for me to drag myself to work in the morning~~i juz wanna sleep more!!! n go home earlier!!!! okok today i’ve no OT. I strongly believe my enthu will b back soon!! or does Angie or Mati got any fengshui stuff to make me more enthu? But not too high hor..

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3 Comments on “Rain~ Rain~ Come~~ COme~~ Come~~~”

  1. CaiLing Says:

    ya blog title: RAIN RAIN COME COME… i tot u were gg to write abt tt korean superstar… wat a disappointment. haha~ aiyo… bring umbrella la. nowadays, the weather so “ki siao”… UMBRELLA IS A MUST!

  2. pigologist Says:

    hehe oOo u like SEXY Rain ar? haha

  3. CaiLing Says:

    nah… i dun like him. and i’m too old to go chase after idols. also dunno wat’s so attractive abt him… driving all gals crazy.

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