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Wang Wang’s sick T.T

February 28, 2007

Wang Wang looks so shagged. He eats lesser than usual. He tears so much that he cant open his eyes aft his nap. He gets irritable easily. I know hes very uncomfortable. Im checking out the vet’s address now. I hoped he’s not gotten wet tail’s disease. I’ve been reading the online hamster disease guides ever since i got home frm work. The more i read, the more worried i get. Im gonna pack his little cage for tml morning. Wang Wang!!! pls JIA YOU!!!!


Nothing to blog

February 26, 2007

Yesh… im a boring Pi6 with nothing interesting to blog abt. My life seems too blend, as tasteless as the soup i’ve made this afternoon. Im supposed to paint my acrylic landscape today, but i lazed on the bed watching TV for the entire day… Im like an uncharged battery… Friends whom i have spent my new chinese Pi6 year with, will probably be thinking…”Didn’t we just go out for shopping, dinners, nightwalks, sleptover, more meals, ktv, more shopping, cycling & movie??” Probably it’s due to that time of the month again. Or nothing seems to surprise or excite Pi6ologist for a long time. Zzz~~

Acrylic Lesson 2

February 6, 2007

Due to lack of sleep, i was abit blur~~ n had difficulty concentrating throughout the day~

I flashed my office card on another company’s flash pad~~ of coz our neighbour’s juz side by side nxt door… n flashed n flashed n even attempt to key in the pin numbers… omg. i only realised my mistake aft a colleague flashed her card at our flash pad, n asked me, “wat r u doin?” so embarrassing… T.T

During the class, i painted the sky n water. Adding layers n layers onto the canvas, carefully. Trying so hard to keep my pencil lines Alive~~ by adding the liquitex. Teacher said,” Now everybody can see it coming out rite, hehe.” I happily looked at mine n thought the same too. hehe Ya ya coming out le. Yay!! now can see the clouds n reflections on the lake. Happily painting on~~

Then our teacher’s assistant, his wife who’s oso an artist, came n commented smilingly,

 ” Oh urs like watercolor.”

Then she picked up my brush n started to demonstrate on the sky portion. I had full confidence in her…. I was keeping my eyes on the canvas to see how thick is not watery… Then she approached my classmate #2,

” Urs oso too watery, hurhur”

Then she painted hers too. I continued to paint my lake. Then she helped classmate #3 to paint. This time, i heard,

“Ah, the clouds gone…”

Then i checked mine, n

“Ah! my clouds oso Bu Jian le, (disappeared).” haha then 3 of us, including the one who’s GUILTY of making our clouds disappeared laughed… Classmate #3 asked,

“Then how, now that the clouds gone?”

Teacher;s wife,

“haha! nvm no clouds nvm. haha”

Alas!! watever i’ve drawn on the canvas r fading off one by one~~ instead of “Coming out”… i definitely need to buy more canvas for emergency use~~