Acrylic Lesson 2

Due to lack of sleep, i was abit blur~~ n had difficulty concentrating throughout the day~

I flashed my office card on another company’s flash pad~~ of coz our neighbour’s juz side by side nxt door… n flashed n flashed n even attempt to key in the pin numbers… omg. i only realised my mistake aft a colleague flashed her card at our flash pad, n asked me, “wat r u doin?” so embarrassing… T.T

During the class, i painted the sky n water. Adding layers n layers onto the canvas, carefully. Trying so hard to keep my pencil lines Alive~~ by adding the liquitex. Teacher said,” Now everybody can see it coming out rite, hehe.” I happily looked at mine n thought the same too. hehe Ya ya coming out le. Yay!! now can see the clouds n reflections on the lake. Happily painting on~~

Then our teacher’s assistant, his wife who’s oso an artist, came n commented smilingly,

 ” Oh urs like watercolor.”

Then she picked up my brush n started to demonstrate on the sky portion. I had full confidence in her…. I was keeping my eyes on the canvas to see how thick is not watery… Then she approached my classmate #2,

” Urs oso too watery, hurhur”

Then she painted hers too. I continued to paint my lake. Then she helped classmate #3 to paint. This time, i heard,

“Ah, the clouds gone…”

Then i checked mine, n

“Ah! my clouds oso Bu Jian le, (disappeared).” haha then 3 of us, including the one who’s GUILTY of making our clouds disappeared laughed… Classmate #3 asked,

“Then how, now that the clouds gone?”

Teacher;s wife,

“haha! nvm no clouds nvm. haha”

Alas!! watever i’ve drawn on the canvas r fading off one by one~~ instead of “Coming out”… i definitely need to buy more canvas for emergency use~~

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One Comment on “Acrylic Lesson 2”

  1. CaiLing Says:

    the class is like so fun…

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