Nothing to blog

Yesh… im a boring Pi6 with nothing interesting to blog abt. My life seems too blend, as tasteless as the soup i’ve made this afternoon. Im supposed to paint my acrylic landscape today, but i lazed on the bed watching TV for the entire day… Im like an uncharged battery… Friends whom i have spent my new chinese Pi6 year with, will probably be thinking…”Didn’t we just go out for shopping, dinners, nightwalks, sleptover, more meals, ktv, more shopping, cycling & movie??” Probably it’s due to that time of the month again. Or nothing seems to surprise or excite Pi6ologist for a long time. Zzz~~

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3 Comments on “Nothing to blog”

  1. CaiLing Says:

    singapore is simply too boring. nothing much we can do over here. let’s arrange for another BACKPACK la!!!~

  2. pigologist Says:

    *doin the Relax with U alive cheering action* Yeah!!! U can go meh… Ms student-to-be~~

  3. CaiLing Says:

    aiyo!~ haiz~ after may 2008 la. i suppose so. wait for me.

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