Wang’s 2nd day aft the vet

This morning, Wang seems ok. He eats but very little. Tho he can open both his eyes, i tink it would b better to apply the vet’s ointment onto his left eye. The vet said he’s right eye is ok, only the left one’s infected. But last few days, he cant open both eyes. I dun know how much i can trust the very hamster-unfriendly vet.

Anyhow, his left eye is still quite swollen but not as bad, & the area ard the right eye is still alittle wet sometimes. I miss his bright, non-swollen & healthy eyes. When i carried him, i find him so much lighter. Must b due to his poor appetite.

Today, i touched Sleepy, our muscle hamster. He’s so healthy & reminds me of the healthy Wang. T.T

To all who cares abt Wang, dun worry, at least he’s much better now. Probably he’s juz picky over his food again. I’ll treat him some of his fav snacks tml!

If u’ve noticed, i dun feel gd using past tense on Wang. I cant help it but the thought of him leaving us keep coming to me. I dun tink i’ll b strong enough to take it. I used to have small pets in the past too, but im very lucky. I nv got to see them leave me. Either they went missing or ehem my parents sent them away.

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