HiLo! Sunny Sunday!! im packing my ransacked desk today. Aft i’ve cleared the desk, i’ll do my acrylic. Then i’ll go JB with “Relax w U alive” clubmembers!!! Most prob go Ktv keke…

Oh ya, fri night, 5 piggies tried out Shi Sha!!! lol yesh Pigo hates her frens smoking cigarettes, but i suggested we try the Shi Sha!! It’s so fun!! but i dun like the aft effect. My throat felt dry… of coz its not tat smelly like the cigarettes. But Shi Sha oso comes w 0.05 nicotine. This will probably b my 1st n last try…. lol unless u caught me smoking tt again~~ haha

Wang Wang is so FUSSY!!!! he has been sleeping since last evening!! When he woke up, he’s searching for “snacks” to eat. Aft he knew he had no more “snacks” in his storage, he’s angry n went back to sleep. He needs to eat his nutritious hamster food too. He’s juz so spoilt. And he got angrier aft i applied the “useless” ointment onto both his eyes. He refused to eat watever hammy food i tried to feed him! argh!!! Is he trying to commit suicide? He kept stirring his nest, looking for snacks… But theres no more!!! aft several hours of “pang ni”, he’s still not eating! ok U’ve won!!! I cut a small slice of tomato & green apple for him. He grabbed n eat them like he’s starved for days….. Wat is this? im being controlled by little hammy?? T.T

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3 Comments on “(-@@-)”

  1. CaiLing Says:

    u have spoilt wang wang! haha… kena controlled by hamster…

  2. 2thbrush Says:

    haha so funny! at first glance i thought you typed relax w you alive cucumbers

  3. pigologist Says:

    haha its time to change specs!!!!

    T.T i’ll try to not over spoil Wang di..

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