Tremors @ work

Today’s my 1st experience w tremors. Im sketching & listening to Tank’s song, & shaking my legs as usual….. When suddenly i felt my head moving side to side with the rhythm~~~ It felt a little dizzy, then i looked up to see who’s shaking our desks… We looked at 1 another & started asking if they feel it too. Our floor, desks & lamps started to shake non-stop.

Everyone began to carry their bags, notebooks! & proceed to the main door. I grabbed my bag & WangWang & followed. Then i saw my other colleague who only came out w her bag… I yelled at her!!! n told her to go grab Ah Hum, the timid hamster. She quickly ran back to get him, while i emptied a tuperware for her to hold the hammy. *quilty* we forgot Sleepy… Ehem i thought the other guy in charge of Sleepy had brought him along.. Luckily the building din collapse… If not i’ll b guilty for the rest of my life…. haha yaya cant help it to think tat our building might have a tendency to collapsed b4 others… ehem it looked old & lousy… keke the evacuation is fun!!! We took the stairs down, joined by others frm other companies. Wang n Ah Hum muz b wondering wats happening… keke Hamsters r more impt than anything else!!!

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3 Comments on “Tremors @ work”

  1. CaiLing Says:

    muz be really frightening leh… imagine everything shaking…

  2. Anonymous Says:

    if it occurs in another country, i’ll b very scared..

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