Ikea Toys!!

Yesh! i’ve got Shasha, my shark soft toy, 2 new pals!!! From the same factory of coz.. keke if not for tat XC, i would haf spend more time to choose the best one. >.< haha yaya i brought the fren who tasted her 1st beef frm Ikea last time, to Ikea again! This time we din eat beef. We ate chicken wings!! Lagi sinful i know… The more i look at tat lion toy, the more i like. T.T Theres no more snakes T.T Some $% #&^%**%^ fool went to Ikea, saw them selling at 2 bucks, din buy for me…. Wats tis??!!! Frens for so many years!! Gave me excuses…. Now no more snakes la!!!! T.T

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2 Comments on “Ikea Toys!!”

  1. CaiLing Says:

    wei!~ they are all the same. no point choosing. all these soft toy s will never fail to remind me of that bear daphne… yucks.

  2. pigologist Says:

    lol ya lo. some1’s sis treat Daphne better than her haha

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