Weekends Getaway!!!!

Yesh! its Lets GO n really went!!!! A pretty sudden getaway to Tioman! We saw many many many many many wonderful sea creatures!!!

We left on fri, took transnational to JB Terminal then Cepat express to Mersing… ehem we overshot Mersing n ended up at Enaur(pardon my spelling error if im wrong..cant b bothered to correct it either).. Then we took a 1/2 hr bus ride back to Mersing again. It’s another Wu Long experience but Fun tho! haha

Reached Mersing early in the morning, knocked on the Omar hostel.. no1 answered the door.. then we relaxed n ate breakfast at kopitiam n watched rugby.. Caught the beautiful sunset!!! Then ferry to Tioman’s Salang Island!!! Wee!

The 3hrs ferry ride bored us quite abit.. but when we feel the holiday hot sun, water & sand again!!! Its time for Snorkeling !! 1st day of snorkeling, we island hopped Tulai coral island, Genting & Monkey Island! Saw many too but i cant quite remem wat i saw n didnt see on tis day. keke

2nd Day!!! The exciting Day!!!! We snorkelled @ Renggis Island for 2 hrs! Renggis is as nice as last yr!! Some old pals came to say HI!!! BlackTip baby & Barracudas! This time a shoal of barracudas surrounded us… My dream came true! B4 the trip, i was hoping to see stingray. And i really saw a baby stingray!!!! Saw xmas coral worms, fat fat crown of thorns & nudibranches la… etc..

The most rewarding snorkel to end tis trip is………………………………… Salang Island’s Monkey Bay!!!! This is where the super excitement came in! Seems like aft we shishi….. Our luck arised~~~ We bumped into Bump headed parrotfish!!! do re mi!!! 3 of them! 1 family!!! Then i saw a big fat eel!!! this is the biggest i’ve seen so far! Followed by little sea turtle! 1 black n 1 white Octopus!!! & a pair of sweet lovers~~~ the female spike fish followed the big male, swimming frm corals to corals. So sweet~~~ hmm wat else.. jelly fish!!! n.. pufferfish! n n LOL on the way back… i saw a shadow casted on the sand bottom n for a sec, i thought it’s a sea turtle… n this is no sea turtle’s shadow but some1’s…… lol

Photos coming soon~~

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2 Comments on “Weekends Getaway!!!!”

  1. 2thbrush Says:

    haha i doubt we saw barracudas… after checking online… i think it’s the trumpet fish loh. hahaha!

  2. Pigologist @ work Says:

    LoL Shhh….. juz treat it as Barracuda la!!! lol

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