The BIG Revamp

Yesh! Anybody who has visited PigSty, will know what A MESS my room is!!!! haha Mama has been very tolerate for the past few mths… Surprisingly.. haha cos her Dear Leo threw her very RARE tantrum, the last time mama packed her stuff… months ago… When it’s messy, i know where to find my things frm the various hills of papers n books. But aft coming home to a neatly cleaned desk… im at a lost… I threw my books, pencils, clock, stool, bags & anything i could get hold of against the wall n floor. Yup…it’s hard to imagine the usually tamed & good tempered Leo doin this. It’s not the 1st time she “tidied” my room… Just cant stand her … Alright back to months later… keke im drawing the floor plan of my room.

Im gonna throw away bedframe, bookshelves, drawers & etc… Paint a new layer of wood paint to the wardrobe… since they r not movable…. DAMN! Dump n dump more rubbish away. Anybody wanna lend a hand, help me paint my room? Hmmm or shld i keep the room color?

I’ve told Mama im not giving her this month;s allowance.. haha cos i wanna use the money to revamp my room. Sad faced her can only said OK~~

Another busy & happening month ahead!! im gonna bathe n style my hair now! JieJie’s treating us to high tea. keke then acc jiejie trim eyebrows. Aft tt, i’ll meet long time no see pal, n see non stop pal at the swimming pool!! tata~~

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One Comment on “The BIG Revamp”

  1. CaiLing Says:

    is this blog closed?

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