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December 17, 2006

hehe i did this in October. Another 藏起来 work of mine…… keke oh no 2006’s coming to an end….


My watercolor class

August 8, 2006

Had my 1st lesson today with Stoney, Ruifen & Juzjaz. i kinda hoped that they’ll make it 3 hrs instead of 2 hrs only. It’s paint n ask teacher along the way. She’ll guide u along. Today, the rest of the class were busy finishing & submitting their work for the coming exhibition, so there’re only me n another lady painting rambutans in a bowl.

There’s the other classroom teaching Chinese painting. Interesting~~ mb i should check out wat other courses they have. Not long after i started painting the leaf, a little girl frm the other class walked past n commented, “Nice color” She’s friendly & encouraging~~~ T.T a small kid encouraging me!! Alas! Then i painted the rambutans, n she came n said something nice again~ Then i thank her for her encouragement~ =.=”’ i did ask teacher to demostrate painting a rambutan for me, instead she started erasing n correcting my perspective. lol im a little upset with her painting of the rambutans….. i think she can do better than that~~  But of coz, it’s juz a demo. i muz paint more in class nxt week n ask her to comment. I hope she’ll enlighten me more nxt week. Mine is the 1st 2pic. Teacher’s demo is the 3rd.