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Weekends Getaway!!!!

March 27, 2007

Yesh! its Lets GO n really went!!!! A pretty sudden getaway to Tioman! We saw many many many many many wonderful sea creatures!!!

We left on fri, took transnational to JB Terminal then Cepat express to Mersing… ehem we overshot Mersing n ended up at Enaur(pardon my spelling error if im wrong..cant b bothered to correct it either).. Then we took a 1/2 hr bus ride back to Mersing again. It’s another Wu Long experience but Fun tho! haha

Reached Mersing early in the morning, knocked on the Omar hostel.. no1 answered the door.. then we relaxed n ate breakfast at kopitiam n watched rugby.. Caught the beautiful sunset!!! Then ferry to Tioman’s Salang Island!!! Wee!

The 3hrs ferry ride bored us quite abit.. but when we feel the holiday hot sun, water & sand again!!! Its time for Snorkeling !! 1st day of snorkeling, we island hopped Tulai coral island, Genting & Monkey Island! Saw many too but i cant quite remem wat i saw n didnt see on tis day. keke

2nd Day!!! The exciting Day!!!! We snorkelled @ Renggis Island for 2 hrs! Renggis is as nice as last yr!! Some old pals came to say HI!!! BlackTip baby & Barracudas! This time a shoal of barracudas surrounded us… My dream came true! B4 the trip, i was hoping to see stingray. And i really saw a baby stingray!!!! Saw xmas coral worms, fat fat crown of thorns & nudibranches la… etc..

The most rewarding snorkel to end tis trip is………………………………… Salang Island’s Monkey Bay!!!! This is where the super excitement came in! Seems like aft we shishi….. Our luck arised~~~ We bumped into Bump headed parrotfish!!! do re mi!!! 3 of them! 1 family!!! Then i saw a big fat eel!!! this is the biggest i’ve seen so far! Followed by little sea turtle! 1 black n 1 white Octopus!!! & a pair of sweet lovers~~~ the female spike fish followed the big male, swimming frm corals to corals. So sweet~~~ hmm wat else.. jelly fish!!! n.. pufferfish! n n LOL on the way back… i saw a shadow casted on the sand bottom n for a sec, i thought it’s a sea turtle… n this is no sea turtle’s shadow but some1’s…… lol

Photos coming soon~~


Back frm Sabah~~

October 29, 2006


Yesh… last yr went Sabah climb Mt. Kinabalu & snorkel. This yr went back to snorkel @ Pulau Sapi, Manukan, Mamutik, Sulug, Mabul & dive Sipadan!!! Awesome dives & snorkel i muz say. We oso visited Sungei Kinabatangen where we saw many birds & wild animals! And Padas River for White water Rafting!! or shld i say “relax with the team alive~~”? We oso didnt forget to visit the neighbouring country, Brunei!! This is actually not part of the itinerary initially. Brunei architecture is a fusion of the WORLD! not juz asia… i have so much to write in my dive logbook & jungle logbook & unpacking & washing my clothes & muddy stained shoes~~ Will share with everyone our filled with unexpected, unfortunate & lucky adventure when im not as busy!!! Gotta consolidate works for my portfolio & reels & meet up with potential bosses for job & projects. Pigologist is in need of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ now!!! yesh im broke! im only left with 200 bucks in my bank acc !!!! Gosh!! im so no good with money!

 Unpacking & playing with my unwashed, dirty mask & snorkel…..hehe

Pulau Ubin

August 6, 2006


more pics

We saw 2 CROCODILES crawling out frm the swamp!!! When i spotted it, i stopped my bike immediately, n asked my bro-in-law to hold my bike. If only i haf SLR camera!!!! Alas!! i set my lousy cam to video mode, zoom in of coz, so the footage is really lousy! U have to look closely at the 2 blur longish *** >> *** thing crawling to towards the right… frankly speaking, when im videoing it, i cant even see them on my camera’s screen. I was fixing my eyes on them while i video, so pardon the shakiness…. haha im glad i was wearing my contact lens. T.T i saw them clearly with my 2 eyes. Today’s encounter is priceless!!! video link>

haha im so excited on the trip abt the crocodiles n was abit loud that a father of 2 heard me, n asked, “wat did u see?” smilingly. I told him we saw 2 crocodiles over there!! He went there n came back to us n said, “nah… we din see crocodiles. There rite?” Then we told them they’r probably gone. The children were disappointed. Actually wanted to show them my video footages EHEm.. luckily i didnt do that.. If not the kids would b even more disppointed…………………..LOL

I oso managed to take a spider on its cobweb & saw the Noordin beach. Seems like my companions’ ultimate aim there, was “DURIAN CHASing”. The both of them managed to pick up 10 freshly fallen down durians. The 3 of us were nearly hit by the durians. One dropped juz beside me, 1.5metres away… lucky… Of coz this durian was later in our plastic bags… hehe

Today we didnt make it to Chek Jawa due to lack of time… spent on durians… but i’ll definitely b back again. Hopefully nxt time will get to see the 2 crocodiles again. T.T Priceless!!!!

Hong Kong 14-19Jun

July 6, 2006

Arrival time is 10:40am 14 jun! We arrived @ the airport. It’s a cloudy day~ im so worried it’ll rain & we quickly took the MTR train to Prince Edward station. Both of us walked to Concourse Hotel & checked in. Jiejie chose this hotel bcoz it’s @ Mongkok. It’s very near to our night markets & shopping paradise!! 1st day was supposed to visit the Peak & hopefully Happy Valley Horse Racecourse if we’ve time. Sadly, we’ve no time for the racecourse…. T.T

The Peak

MTR to Central station then walk to Lower Peak Tram Terminus. Along the way, there’s many high rise buildings, cars & then trams!!!! We bought ourselves 2way Peak tram tickets & Entry to Madame Tussauds wax portraits museum! This wax museum created moods & sometimes props for phototaking. It’s a fun place! Every1 naturally felt childish & silly & began to take pictures with wax standee… haha i’ve uploaded a few pics, u can view them later~

Next we waited for sunset~~ waiting to see “Dong Fang Zhi Zhu”~~ Every1 anticipated for the moment… hoping it wont rain~~ As u know, the period we went was humid & rainy, but we’r lucky. Even 1 hongkong guy told us that it had been raining & by right it shouldnt rain during this period, but we’r lucky to escape rain~ For eg, when we visited Lantau Island, Mongkok had a downpour~~

Femished, we went to Tsim Sha Tsui for duck noodles~ i have to say that Hongkong people r fortunate eaters. Even their average food is considered above average in singapore…. We poor singaporeans paid same amount of money & get nothing like hongkong’s. Not only food, but the shopping experience in hongkong too. That’s y we all should save money n go overseas shop nxt time! haha

Lautau Island

2 hungry ghosts wandered frm Prince Edward station to Tsim Sha Tsui!! Hoping to find the best Dim Sum in HongKong!! When we reached the so called popular dim sum, according to a outdated guide book frm library, had closed down~~~ diaoz =.=”‘ im femished~~ We ended up @ Hung Xing Seafood Restaurant, not for seafood but dim sum. Coz jiejie said good dim sum muz go hotel or restaurant eat one…. They only open @ 10+, so we went to nearby bookshop & came across a Shanghai cafe or restaurant. Got newspaper recommendations & awards!! i wanted to eat there but nvm i still decided to wait for Hung Xing coz it’s oso an award winning blah blah blah~~most importantly it’s SIGNBOARD is HUGE!!! (but a few days later we still went back to this shanghai restaurant, cost reasonable & tasty dim sum!!!! will definitely go back again if i’ve money n time) ehem as for Hung Xing, maybe they’r go @ seafood but not dim sum lo….or it’s due to my flu.. haha but jiejie oso dun like~ so it sucks!!

MTR to Central & walk to pier 6, we took a ferry to Mui Wo, Lantau Island!! Weee!!!! Fresh air over there!! not as polluted as city~~ took bus to Ngong Ping then climb Giant Buddha!! Read more @ my hongkong gallery later. i’ve included descriptions for every pics so go read! We oso had a free tea meal @ Po Lin Monastery!! Sadly, we missed The Wisdom Path. But if we went to Wisdom Path, we’ll miss the last bus to Tai O~~ Next time if u visited Wisdom Path, do tell me if it’s worth a miss…. haha

Tai O Fishing Village!! Not to b missed!! See gallery to know y~~ Tai O, true to its name, to my translation, Tai O means Too Old~~ haha. i was even scolded by an old lady for taking pic of her authentic provision shop… but once i apologised sincerely, she stopped. It’s probably rude to take pic of others property without permission. But at least she didnt pour water or chase aft me with broomstick… haha Sis had a different experience.. She took pic of others playing mahjong in a very classic shophouse & was laughed at later on.. haha She left n overheard them said, “must be from city la, never see old fashion people like us play mahjong Ahohhoho”

Star Ferry

A cheap ride from Central to Tsim Sha Tsui! Not to b missed!! Nice view of the city.


We took KCR train to Shatin then visited Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery & had Shatin’s famous Roasted Pigeon too!!!


i had puffy eyes!!! argh!! my flu worsen!!! 1st day of shopping… We had brunch @ a nearby cafe. i had fish soup with “MOUNTAIN high rice”… Ordering with all traditional chinese menu is sad…. Both of us werent diligent students during our school days… we had a BIG problem ordering. After learning that we’re not locals, the cafe auntie helped us with her limited chinese. She’s really helpful & polite. So even i saw a cockroach crawling ard a guy’s table while his dining, he didnt seem to care, i didnt leave the cafe… Lu Xiang Shui Shu hehe Who says Hongkong people sucks @ their attitude? i’ve met more polite ones than fierce ones.. Probably we should reflect n ask ourselves r we polite to others in the 1st place, b4 we comment on others bad attitude @ us. Well there’r impolite ones in hongkong too, so juz pray n hope not b meet one. haha

Fa Yuen St is the BEST place to shop!!! Expect cheap & nice clothings! Cute toys & stationeries, & this n that!! As for the neighbouring “ladies st“, it’s lousier… mb Fa Yuen should b named Ladies St in the future! There’s oso Flower market n Fishing market nearby. i cant get enough of those cute little hamsters n etc!! So much to see!!

Tsim Sha Tsui is great to shop too!!! If i visited hongkong afew days later, it’ll b Great hongkong sale!!! i visited, n many other shops, nice clothings but only their members will benefit frm the pre-sales. Meaning they can enjoy Great sales price even b4 the sale begins. Mb the right size or better color or cutting would b gone by the time u shop in their great sale~~ hehe

Temple st, “guy’s st” … erm i think if u dun have much time in hongkong u can even skip this. haha many of the things there can b found in Fa Yuen St. too.

The Sports St. All sportswear n shoes!!! muz go too! With perserverance, we visited every shops!!! Bravo!! But probably due to World cup season, most designs were on the worldcup theme, & there were very few nice sportswear. Usually Hongkong, not to mention japan, ehem has the nicer designs n color sportswear, but unlucky me didnt buy much. Instead i bought 2 addidas top @ a shopping mall, we encountered on our bus ride day, frm kowloon’s Festival Walk to Stanley!! So taking a bus ride is oso a must, to explore hongkong!! This shopping mall oso have very nice limited edition, i mean real hard to find n unique ones… u cant find them at normal sports boutique. They’re more for casual wear. But abit ex… S$40+ 60+ 80+ 30+ 100++ 200-1000++ i must save money & go hongkong shop again!!!! but muz wait longlong~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Stanley market is more like those warehouse or faulty clothings. Real cheap, some can buy but i didnt shop for long there. hehe visit the Murray house & thats abt it for Stanley.

Central is more ehem branded stuff but definitely have to visit this place. bcoz it’s central!! haha there’s Hollywood Rd, sell antiques & Lang Kwai Fong & SoHo & manymany departmental stores!! i had great Japanese curry rice there too. We actually wanted to go to the Famous Shanghai restaurant, according to the BIG SIGNBOARD… but we didnt go coz it’s abit ex n theres a queue…………………… n we’re starved. But it’s ok, the Tsim Sha Tsui’s Shanghai restaurant i mentioned earlier on is great too!!

On the last day, we visited Wong Tai Sin temple & had a last minute shopping!!!

My greatest regret is for missing the Popular Happy Vally Racecourse…

HONGKONG PICS <<<< click here to view

Photos: Perhentian2006

July 6, 2006

Perhentian Pics <<<<< click to view

hehe right now im consolidating pics for Hongkong & Tioman. If i’ve time, i’ll add some past travel pics too.

My First Diving Experience in Perhentian!

July 2, 2006

Yeah!! i’ve truly passed my PADI Open Water Diving Course. I was so afraid i wont b able to make it for the 17.5metres dive on the last day, due to my poor equalization. But i’ve made it! Thanks to our German dive instructor & “Nanny” Lisa san & oso 2thy. haha Lisa’s my nanny underwater….. Thinking of the nanny scenario makes me giggle @ the pc monitor now.

All thanks to these people who helped me so HARD… i had 2 blue blacks on my right wrist, which r side by side one another n formed a big one… haha i oso had 1 “gui la jiao”(ghost pulling me down incident…) tat SUPER Nanny pulled me back into the water bcoz i was positive buoyant tat time…. real funny… LOL

I loved the underwater world~~ hand in hand, we n our buddies explored the Anak Terumbo Tiga(Baby Tree Reef). Our last dive, i missed dark tipped shark but nvm i’ve seem 2+1 in Tioman snorkel b4. i loved the schools of fish. I looked up @ the different schools of fish while holding onto the instructor, so i wont b lost.. Not much equalization pressure… on the last dive. Maybe mother nature’s protecting us~~ hehe

Beside’s confined water diving & open water diving, we snorkel too! hehe true, like wat 2th felt, i too felt less pressurized snorkeling. I shall work harder on my equalization & buoyancy… We think we saw a HUGE sea turtle, but due to poor visibility, we cant b sure. Swimming with schools of fish is a great experience. Feeling them touched u n coming to u is fun. Of course i wont want those big sharks or great barracuda coming straight @ me face 2 face…. haha

During snorkeling, i oso suffered a BIG blow… A size 5 or 6 foot hit me hard on the right brain. Ehem tats the worst i’ve ever hard so far. Even my mask tilted… nvm im alive hehe. oh ya i picked up a white plastic bag & a transparent one while snorkelling. Fellow Snorkellers & Divers pls remem to pick up rubbish when u encountered them. Help our marine life! hehe i learned to start picking rubbish underwater frm our 1st instructor, Joe, who will pick up broken glass pieces & put into his small pouch. Pls restrain frm throwing anything into the sea, people..

Our new dive motto! Relax With You Alive~~ of cos it’s a joke only we know..Cant wait for my nxt dive or snorkel! Will post some pictures of perhentian later. =3