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This afternoon, i had a half yr company review w 1 of my boss. This is my 1st review, aft i re-joined the company in november. Part of the review has a 1-10 scale, of how u feel abt ur :

Workload  ?/10

Work Satisfactory  ? /10

Stress level  ?/10

Work environment  ?/10

Wat will ur scale b like? Do give it a try b4 u see my answers. Wont want to influence ur personal ratings. keke -.^


Prison Break

Posted March 12, 2007 by pigologist
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Thurs,  i joined some of my colleagues, to visit our local Changi Prison. The trip intrigues me, even b4 the day comes. haha As expected, the security’s tight & there’r electric fences & high walls. The new prison is juz right beside the old one. There’r some new cells in construction too. Ehem of coz the fun part is not the above………

There’s this prisoner who’s kinda cool~~~ with tattoos on his forearms. Style rite!! And he’s quite charming too. All the girls, im not the only one, did pay more attention on him. lol keke seems like some of us were there for eye candy… Lets juz hire him aft he finished his sentence!!! ^o^ hmm i wonder if he has a tattooed Changi prison map on his back~~ like Fish!

Tremors @ work

Posted March 7, 2007 by pigologist
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Today’s my 1st experience w tremors. Im sketching & listening to Tank’s song, & shaking my legs as usual….. When suddenly i felt my head moving side to side with the rhythm~~~ It felt a little dizzy, then i looked up to see who’s shaking our desks… We looked at 1 another & started asking if they feel it too. Our floor, desks & lamps started to shake non-stop.

Everyone began to carry their bags, notebooks! & proceed to the main door. I grabbed my bag & WangWang & followed. Then i saw my other colleague who only came out w her bag… I yelled at her!!! n told her to go grab Ah Hum, the timid hamster. She quickly ran back to get him, while i emptied a tuperware for her to hold the hammy. *quilty* we forgot Sleepy… Ehem i thought the other guy in charge of Sleepy had brought him along.. Luckily the building din collapse… If not i’ll b guilty for the rest of my life…. haha yaya cant help it to think tat our building might have a tendency to collapsed b4 others… ehem it looked old & lousy… keke the evacuation is fun!!! We took the stairs down, joined by others frm other companies. Wang n Ah Hum muz b wondering wats happening… keke Hamsters r more impt than anything else!!!


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HiLo! Sunny Sunday!! im packing my ransacked desk today. Aft i’ve cleared the desk, i’ll do my acrylic. Then i’ll go JB with “Relax w U alive” clubmembers!!! Most prob go Ktv keke…

Oh ya, fri night, 5 piggies tried out Shi Sha!!! lol yesh Pigo hates her frens smoking cigarettes, but i suggested we try the Shi Sha!! It’s so fun!! but i dun like the aft effect. My throat felt dry… of coz its not tat smelly like the cigarettes. But Shi Sha oso comes w 0.05 nicotine. This will probably b my 1st n last try…. lol unless u caught me smoking tt again~~ haha

Wang Wang is so FUSSY!!!! he has been sleeping since last evening!! When he woke up, he’s searching for “snacks” to eat. Aft he knew he had no more “snacks” in his storage, he’s angry n went back to sleep. He needs to eat his nutritious hamster food too. He’s juz so spoilt. And he got angrier aft i applied the “useless” ointment onto both his eyes. He refused to eat watever hammy food i tried to feed him! argh!!! Is he trying to commit suicide? He kept stirring his nest, looking for snacks… But theres no more!!! aft several hours of “pang ni”, he’s still not eating! ok U’ve won!!! I cut a small slice of tomato & green apple for him. He grabbed n eat them like he’s starved for days….. Wat is this? im being controlled by little hammy?? T.T

Wang’s 2nd day aft the vet

Posted March 3, 2007 by pigologist
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This morning, Wang seems ok. He eats but very little. Tho he can open both his eyes, i tink it would b better to apply the vet’s ointment onto his left eye. The vet said he’s right eye is ok, only the left one’s infected. But last few days, he cant open both eyes. I dun know how much i can trust the very hamster-unfriendly vet.

Anyhow, his left eye is still quite swollen but not as bad, & the area ard the right eye is still alittle wet sometimes. I miss his bright, non-swollen & healthy eyes. When i carried him, i find him so much lighter. Must b due to his poor appetite.

Today, i touched Sleepy, our muscle hamster. He’s so healthy & reminds me of the healthy Wang. T.T

To all who cares abt Wang, dun worry, at least he’s much better now. Probably he’s juz picky over his food again. I’ll treat him some of his fav snacks tml!

If u’ve noticed, i dun feel gd using past tense on Wang. I cant help it but the thought of him leaving us keep coming to me. I dun tink i’ll b strong enough to take it. I used to have small pets in the past too, but im very lucky. I nv got to see them leave me. Either they went missing or ehem my parents sent them away.

Wang Wang’s sick T.T

Posted February 28, 2007 by pigologist
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Wang Wang looks so shagged. He eats lesser than usual. He tears so much that he cant open his eyes aft his nap. He gets irritable easily. I know hes very uncomfortable. Im checking out the vet’s address now. I hoped he’s not gotten wet tail’s disease. I’ve been reading the online hamster disease guides ever since i got home frm work. The more i read, the more worried i get. Im gonna pack his little cage for tml morning. Wang Wang!!! pls JIA YOU!!!!

Nothing to blog

Posted February 26, 2007 by pigologist
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Yesh… im a boring Pi6 with nothing interesting to blog abt. My life seems too blend, as tasteless as the soup i’ve made this afternoon. Im supposed to paint my acrylic landscape today, but i lazed on the bed watching TV for the entire day… Im like an uncharged battery… Friends whom i have spent my new chinese Pi6 year with, will probably be thinking…”Didn’t we just go out for shopping, dinners, nightwalks, sleptover, more meals, ktv, more shopping, cycling & movie??” Probably it’s due to that time of the month again. Or nothing seems to surprise or excite Pi6ologist for a long time. Zzz~~